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Term of reference: Affiliated Analyst/Researcher/Instructor/ Scholar

The Nationalism and Ethnicity Studies Center (NESC) serves as a platform for research, teaching, and discussion of matters related to nationalism, ethnicity, and migration/mobility studies. The center adheres to the tradition of interdisciplinarity in approaching studies in nationalism and ethnicity, practiced at Nationalism Studies Program at the Central European University.

It is the goal of the Center to lead and promote the Nationalism Studies direction in Georgia via acting as a hub of academic and semi-academic discussions on the relevant issues in the country. It strives to establish a multi-disciplinary network of scholars and practitioners interested in the related issues with a Geographic focus on South Caucasus, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Russia. For this reason, the center aims to provide a platform for uniting local and connecting international researchers for offering an academic and semi-academic, research-based analysis and informed discussion on the relevant topics.

Considering the above, NESC UG seeks to create a network of experts and students interested in studying nationalism and ethnicity. The framework of affiliation serves the basis for such network. Affiliates are invited and selected on year-long, yet renewable basis.

The key roles and responsibilities of the affiliates will be included but not limited to:

  • Contribute to NESC platform with an op-ed, analytical paper, book review or memo per the affiliate’s expertise and agreement on timetable.
  • Attending and engaging in the events (public talks, conferences, special lectures) of NESC.
  • Upon agreement, work on grant or research projects with NESC UG team.

The workload is flexible, agreed in advance and needs based.

Affiliated analysts are paid on an honorarium basis.

  • The amount of honorarium for a written piece, lecture, or presentation are agreed upon in advance and is remunerated on the basis of short-term service contracts.

Ideal Candidate has:

  • Interest in political science, or relevant social science/humanities
  • Deep understanding of research methodologies;
  • Experience of writing research reports and presenting findings to various constituencies;
  • Excellent English and Georgia writing skills.

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Please submit a Letter of Motivation no more than 250 words